1 + 2 = 3 is the simple concept which stands behind GC's Featherlite 3 frames. The FLT-3 combines the metal axle spacers of the FLT-1 with the unmatched grinding feel, light weight and strength of the FLT-2 frame.  Sickle axles require only 1 allen key for operation.

45mm frame height / 40.5mm frame width at top, 46mm at widest point on sidewall. Laces NOT included.



Sz 1:240mm

Sz 2:257mm

Sz 3:270mm



  • Symmetrical design

  • 8mm grind wall thickness with beveled edges

  • 9mm UFS mount thickness

  • 98mm spacing between 2nd and 3rd wheel

  • GC 8mm Sickle Bolts & Aluminum Frame/Bearing Spacers

  • Frame with spacers weighs 8.7 oz. each

  • Designed for anti-rocker setups

Ground Control FLT3 Frames Lt Grey