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Powerslide Doop Purple Dusk 90 - the city cruiser. Powerslide Doop inline skates are designed for an urban environment and will give you a fast & eco-friendly lift from A to B. Doop Triskates come with the new TRINITY 3-point mounting to maximize the control and minimize the ride height while commuting. This skate is equipped with the Powerslide 4x90mm casted Elite frame, fast rolling and glow in the dark Powerslide 90mm wheels and fast WCD ABEC 7 bearings. The size-adjustable Doop step-in skates are convenient, comfortable & easy to handle, as you can skate wearing your own shoes. Roll fast and shine bright with outstanding features like powerful LED lights, reflective stickers and a secure height adjustable braking system for maximum safety. Make it a Doop day!

Powerslide Doop Purple Dusk 90


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