SneakerSkate SLV Green/Silver

SneakerSkate SLV Green/Silver

SneekrSkate is a new rollerskate plate specially designed for sneakers.SneekrSkate plates offer you the possibility to give your skates a unique look by using your favorite soft soled sneakers without compromising functionality.SneekrSkates with a classic rollerskate feeling
    •full contact aluminium plate for sneakers
•regular rollerskate trucks (4,4 cm wide)
•green Dart wheels 59mm, 80A (soft)
•ABEC 9 bearings•”high heels” (1cm heel rise)
•”warped toe” (0,5cm toe rise)
•Grindblock compatible (Chaya Shiva)
•Bridgebolt hardware (6pcs)
**Shoes not included**

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