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Sizing guide for skates

How to measure

Sizing throughout skate brands will be different, which is why we recommend measuring your foot at home and compare with the mondopoint (size of your foot in millimeters). This can be found in the size chart for the skate and will either be labeled as "Length" or "Mondopoint (MP)". 


You will need a piece of paper, a pen, a measuring tape, and some socks.


Place the piece of paper on a flat surface and ensure your foot is flat on the paper, with your heel against the wall or edge of the paper.


With the pen held perpendicular to the paper, trace around your foot. Make sure to keep the pen in contact with your foot and paper to get an accurate outline.


Use the ruler or tape measure to measure the distance from the tip of your longest toe to the back of your heel. This is your foot length.

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