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The famous Fluid family of aggressive frames just got a little bigger and we couldn’t be happier! Say hello to the all-new KIZER Fluid V Team Black aggressive frame. Designed for skating flat, the frame fits up to 61mm wheels, giving you excellent speed which is ideal for landing big gaps on the streets or getting big air in the skatepark. Of course, this frame is part of the new Superfluid family which means grinding is at the heart of the frame’s design. Constructed of the revolutionary Superfluid material, this frame is strong, lightweight, and can slide on virtually any material. The frame has a groove that has been reworked to help avoid wheel bites while locking comfortably on rails and ledges. The KIZER Fluid V Team Black is the ultimate flat frame for aggressive skating - Welcome to the family! Not feeling the Black? The Fluid V Team also comes in White and Grey colors (but then no Superfluid material).



S=245mm, L=268mm; 4x 61mm

Kizer Fluid V Superfluid


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