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f you have larger feet and you’re looking for a fast, high-performance inline skate frame, you’ve found it. Say hello to the Ego SL 90 - 275 TRI frame from POWERSLIDE. Adapted from the famous Nexus frame, the Ego SL has been simplified even further to focus on one thing and one thing only: excellent speed and performance. Made of high-quality and rigid 6061 aircraft aluminum, this superb frame is super light (SL) without compromising performance. With a length of 275mm and able to accept 4x90mm wheels, the POWERSLIDE Ego SL 90 - 275 TRI frame makes it easy to reach new speeds and discover what’s possible on inline skating. Longer frames can be a bit harder to turn, but the Ego SL 90 is engineered around the innovative TRINITY 3-point mounting system. By connecting to the boot with three points of contact, the TRINITY system is able to bring your wheels closer to the foot compared to traditional two-wheel mounting systems. What you get is a low center of gravity, improved stability, and unmatched control. TRINITY also reduces vibrations for a better, smoother ride. If you have larger feet and you want a light, high-performance inline skate frame, the POWERSLIDE Ego SL 90 - 275 TRI just may be the right choice for you.

Powerslide Ego SL 90 - 275 TRI Frame


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