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All the protection you need to stay safe and have confidence as you push your limits and enjoy a day of inline skating or any other action sport - it’s the POWERSLIDE Standard Men set of protective gear. Great for skaters of all skill levels, the set features high-quality elbow and knee pads that incorporate shock-absorbing materials complemented by durable, large caps that help distribute impacts and protect you from scrapes and abrasions. Of course, comfort is key and this anatomically designed knee and elbow pads include a cotton sock sleeve and super comfortable lining. The pads are kept firmly in place by reliable elastic Velcro straps. When it comes to inline skating and other action sports falling forward and getting wrist injuries is more common than you may think. The protective gear set includes reliable, lightweight wristguards that feature wide and durable splints for maximum wrist protection. Extensive protection for a great price, it’s the Standard Men set from POWERSLIDE.

Powerslide Standard Protection Set


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